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“Denis has been an incredible pillar of strength and an endless source of knowledge and guidance to me for many years both personally and professionally. He is humble, approachable and always available 247 to lend valuable advice. I would highly highly recommend him for any program where he will share his knowledge and inspire people to lead. He is an incredible human being I am so blessed to have met.” 

Michele Rogers | Founder | Sweet Buttercup


“Denis is one of those people that you can only be thankful crossed your path in life. With his experience both as a mentor and entrepreneur, you cannot ask for better. From a mentorship perspective I have found him to be direct, informed and involved. He gets down and dirty with his students to ensure that the mentoring hits home and is actioned upon. His wealth of knowledge covers many schools of thought but each one is shared with that particular mentee to the best benefit of the mentee. From an entrepreneurship perspective, his insight and practical knowledge of starting and running several companies himself, puts him shoulders above many others. He is always willing to share his knowledge with others and to guide and support where possible. Denis has a wealth of knowledge in this field that can only benefit whomever crosses his path on their entrepreneurship journey. I myself have benefited greatly in my entrepreneurship journey from his wealth of knowledge and wisdom.”

Ruth Coetzee | Founder | The Content Scribe and Small Biz Savvy


Since dealing with Denis he has provided great business ideas and guidance relating to entrepreneurship. He is always eager to help and advice.

Quentin van Rensburg | Investor


"In the seed of an equivalent business success Denis is the man. He stood by his business vision until he made it a physical reality. Once you work with Denis you will see that the world is filled with an abundance of opportunity which most people never knew. Denis is the burning business desire to be, and to do. Denis was not born of laziness, or lack of ambition. There is a difference between wishing for a thing alone and be ready to work with Denis to receive it. Denis desire backed by faith in what he does, and inspired most people to carry on."

Sipho Tilato | Director | Coreware (Pty) Ltd

"Denis is a very professional business man and a great mentor. I value his principles and work ethic. I've been privileged enough to seek and undoubtedly get the best business advice from him for my start-up company. He always has something positive to say, even during the toughest circumstances, Denis will find a way out. I can honestly say that for everyone who crosses paths with Mr Fourie, you will always leave having learned something new, or having a clearer view of life. A truly blessed soul."

Sharon Mavundla | Group CEO | Onesu Group

"Denis is an extremely punctual problem solver in many areas. I experienced him as an out of the box, straight to the point solutions provider. I got great results from his consultations."

Conrad van Staden | Founder | iNfono Business Network

"Denis is a passionate business partner who engages with your business as if it is his own. Not only will you enjoy time with him (as he is fun to be with) you will also benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience he has accumulated working with businesses similar to yours."

Lulu Letlape | Vice President Corporate Affairs | South32

"Denis is cultivated, effective and talented advisor and mentor. "

Christine Vorster | Managing Director | CV Consulting

"In the time that I have known Denis I have been impressed with his dedication to any endeavour he has been involved with. Denis is a dependable, reliable, hardworking and honest professional. His extra-ordinary ability to analyse problems and outline necessary courses of action is invaluable."

Liezel de Lange | Risk Advisor | Econorisk

"Denis and I had exploratory discussions on how to promote e-learning in South Africa. I find him to be an affable, passionate and energetic person who has much to offer in developing innovative initiatives."

Kobus van Wyk | CEO | ADESSA

"Denis is professional, driven, eloquent, dynamic, efficient, honest and confident. He knows his craft in and out and his wide array of experience with individuals, governments and corporate institutions make him the ideal mentor, business partner and the epitome of 'The Trusted Advisor'. I fully endorse Denis' open mindedness and consistency in keeping track of investment, business and social trends as well as his passion for what he does."

Nomfundo Xulu | Managing Editor | Kagiso Media

"I have had the opportunity to work with Denis and to sit and chat with him and I have been thoroughly impressed by the man and the entrepreneur. Denis offers an alternative yet practical view of business while captivating an audience with complete control of the room. We all have much to learn from this man and his experiences."

Garikai Nhongo | Director | Egoli Communications

"Denis is very knowledgeable in all areas of business and has a lot of value to add because of his experience both locally and internationally."

Danie Kruger | Director | Callisto

"For me, Denis' work personifies professionalism. Denis knows his game ... and he's a go-getter who makes things happen. I value his advice, which is always sound and well-reasoned ... but carries with it that rare spark of intuitive wisdom that differentiates the exceptional from the ordinary."

Ian Bentley | Member Of The Executive | Cartential

"Denis is a highly professional and intelligent businessman who applies high skill and determination in every aspect of his life. He is driven by internal and external motivators that makes him excel at whatever he does. He is tenacious in his approach and can see the bigger picture and the end result much sooner than others. He is accurate in his analysis of situations and his outcomes are well planned and executed. I highly recommend Denis as your mentor."

Marlene Cilliers | Executive | Isilumko Staffing

"Denis C is a dedicated, passionate and highly professional individual, who brings great insight, leadership and encouragement to the individual and the business."

Dr. Ann-Elizabeth Worth | Founder | Worth Strategic Advisory & Leading Africa

"Denis is a born leader and innovator. He is well respected by clients as well as employees as he treats them with respect and ensure that clients always get a fair deal. His experience in dealing with worldwide organisations ranging from small businesses to large governments makes him the ideal person to play a leading mentorship role in organisations wishing to get out of stagnation and establish a healthy growth pattern in their organisations. Denis is also an accomplished speaker and trainer on various business principles and subjects."

Pieter Fourie | Managing Director | The Iron Craftsman

"I've had the pleasure of working with Denis on a previous occasion and have found him to be very professional, honest and a hard working individual. Denis is a very tenacious individual and settles for nothing less than completing the job at hand. I would recommend Denis to any business or individual."

Norm Williams | CEO | Norm Williams Consulting

"Denis an experienced entrepreneur and mentor, and is passionate about building the South African economy by encouraging foreign investment in viable South African companies and assisting them to deal with the regulatory environment."

Carl John Lotter | CEO | South Africa Small & Medium Enterprise Federation

"Denis has a fantastic character, immediately likeable at first meetings and refreshingly clever when it comes to customer needs. Denis has a 360-degree view of customer requirements and his experiences and skillset allows him to select the right solution for the right customer. I enjoyed working with Denis and his ability to think outside of the box has helped me to approach my customers differently. Denis is determined to find the right solution for his and your customers, and I have seen him walk away from potential deals because he didn’t believe that his solution was the correct one for the customer. His integrity is above reproach."

Steve Van Wyk | Head of Business Analytic Sales | SAP Asia

"Denis is a born leader and business/life coach. He is an inspiring individual who's passionate about life and business. A true example for Entrepreneurs - he plans ahead and builds strong long-lasting relationships to ensure continuous growth and success going forward. With a wealth of experience behind his name, Denis is confident in whom he is and able to ensure fast and efficient service delivery on the highest level, every time, no matter what the task is he has to take on with you. If you want your company to achieve even bigger success, Denis is the person to contact!"

Machtild Brenholc | African Operating Officer | Misys

"Denis is a very experienced and professional entrepreneur and mentor in everything that he does. He takes his clients into consideration and will help them get what they want as far as he possibly can. All of Denis' clients have been very satisfied with the jobs that he has performed and have returned for further services."

Karen Greyvensteyn | Director | Studioworx

"I have the utmost respect for Denis, not only in the business world but in a private capacity as well. Denis’ values is the same weather it is in business or in his private life, what you see is what you get. He has an exceptional business network and conducts himself with the utmost professionalism in every aspect of his business, whether he’s dealing with a hair salon or if he is busy mentoring big companies. Denis is a great leader and uses that skill along with his business principles to mentor other entrepreneurs and businesses. I have been blessed to have worked with Denis and draw great inspiration from him as I am sure many others do."

Rian van Jaarsveld | Head of Outsourced Operations | The Effectiveness Company

"Denis is a very dynamic out-of-the-box thinker who goes out of his way to please his clients. He constantly strives for perfection and is very passionate about everything he undertakes."

Frank Mulders | National Supervisor Training & Development | Altech Autopage

"I have found Denis to be a bright energetic businessman and a natural entrepreneur. His leadership style is participative, direct and consequent - he walks his talk. He is widely networked and experienced, plus his track record of market share growth and bottom line delivery stands for itself."

Derrick Planting | Chairman | Deros

"Denis came into Beyond Outsourcing with a clear direction in mind and ensured he rallied his team towards the same vision. An out the box thinking leader, Denis still ensured the basics were in place. A hard driven but fair manager to work for."

Brett Cousins | Head: Business Development | Beyond Outsourcing

"Denis is persistent, hardworking and eager to achieve goals. He is ambitious, and loves to see a plan come together. He enjoys putting people together, and harnessing synergies. He is passionate and committed."

Tracey Lincoln | CEO | Lincoln & Associates

"Denis is an experienced entrepreneur with the ability to get the best out of the people working for him. His ability to develop and implement sales and marketing strategies is exceptional and he has the ability to interact at all levels in an organisation. Denis will add value to any organisation."

Paul King | Operations & Management Executive | Plessey

"Denis is a self-motivated driven person with a passion for what he does."

Archimides Panagiotides | Manager: Business Development | Software AG

"Denis has the ability to put together a deal that benefits all parties. I would recommend him for any Business Development role or if you need someone to help put a complex deal together."

Peter Blignaut | Business Analyst | Sybase

"Denis is a passionate and motivated individual who goes out of his way to not only provide exceptional advice but also makes the time to get to know his customer and offer them personal service that goes beyond the normal disinterest shown by others in the market. He showed himself to be an expert within entrepreneurship and mentorship.”

Allana Barber | Marketing Manager | Tsogo Sun

"Denis is an articulate individual, his capability to understand customer requirements is above and beyond. He has the ability to make people like him immediately and as a result will gather acute intelligence about customer problems. This ability allows him to formulate solutions that match and often exceed customer expectations. It was a pleasure working with Denis and he was liked and respected by his peers."

Steve Van Wyk | Manager: Business Development | Sybase SA

"During the time working with Denis - my continued recollection for him was his tenacious spirit, and his most specific attention to detail in getting and closing business. He would very often take on tasks not directly his responsibility just to ensure the job got done right - the first time. It was a pleasure working with Denis - and I would highly recommend his abilities in the business environment to anyone."

Wayne Borcher | COO | SSA

“Denis is an excellent deal-maker and mentor, and has that rare skill of engaging with a client and creating a vision that you can believe in. Working with Denis is great when in tough negotiations, as Denis' experience and skill come to the fore, and he is able to conclude the deal for you to the mutual benefit of all parties. With Denis, you can rest assured, that the final deal concluded is a win win one. Denis' marketing and training experience is of a high quality, and his ability to help you source prospects and convert them to a client is powerful. Being a true entrepreneur, Denis sees the glass as half -full, never half-empty!”"

Zombil M. Nawezi | CEO | Multi Blazing Concept

In my experience with Denis, he has vast experience in being a mentor. He is trustworthy, loyal and thinks outside the box. He often makes you see things from a different perspective and for that I am thankful. Thank you for your integrity and positivity.

Theresa Shaw | Entrepreneur



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