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So the question is on everyone’s lips! How does network marketing compare to a traditional business? What are the pros and cons and how does it apply to our lives right now?

I have seen it from every end of the spectrum: I have worked for a boss, I have my own business and I am involved in a network marketing company.

Since I have been working for myself, there have been many lessons I have had to learn and one of the most impoertant of all is what goes on inside my own head. As a newbie business owner, I have always had the notion to swim against the stream with everything I did, putting tremendous pressure on myself, my business and my family. I always had the mental position that it was "Me against the world". But I there were hard lessons to be learned with thinking like that. In fact, i learned that nobody is against you in business, they will happily compete with you, but they aren't against you - and the other lesson I had to learn is that there are more people out there who are prepared to help you than you assume. As business gets faster and faster and more demands are placed on the shoulders of new entrepreneurs we have to take a step back and make sure we aren't being blinded or way-laid by all the noise around us. Now, more than ever we have to stay mentally on top of the game and create our own little mental space in which we can operate. Here are a few tips to help entrepreneurs keep focussed and not be corrupted by all those things that seem to distract from the plan. These are some of the lessons I have learned on my journey:

In today’s day and age with future job prospects for our children diminishing rapidly, we as parents need to teach our children how to be entrepreneurs so they might create their own successful businesses when they leave school. However, very few parents are successful entrepreneurs themselves, which begs the question on how and where can they get their children the training and guidance they need to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.



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Creating a great start for any brand or business is identifying their target audience. Once this is done, then it's all pretty much plain sailing to the next step in building one's brand. Once every entrepreneur has an extremely clear picture as to who their target audience is, then building the business around one's customers is much easier. Remember - it's always about the customer and their needs and not the entrepreneur and their agenda. 


Here is a small list to get you going in helping you target your customers:

Marketing your business isn't the easiest thing to do especially for an entrepreneur. There are so many aspects of your business to handle, marketing is probably one of the most time-consuming and frustrating things to do especially when you have so many other pressing issues to deal with.

Many entrepreneurs try to do their own marketing with little or no experience in the field sometimes with devastating or limited results. Here is a small list to point you in the right direction when it comes to marketing and advertising your own business.


Do you think you could be an entrepreneur? Are you wondering if you are really an entrepreneur?

Here are some signs that you are an entrepreneur:

You are lazy

If you're lazy, admit it and deal with it. No successful person has ever been lazy in the rise to success. Yes lazy people make good entrepreneurs as they always find easier ways of doing stuff, but then don’t be lazy in putting that idea together and running with it. Stop complaining about everyone else’s success, and get up off your butt and do something about it.

Having consistent results is vital for every entrepreneur, it takes aligning many aspects of who we are.

Being persistent and consistent can feel like it takes a lot of effort. It particularly feels like it takes a lot of effort when not in alignment with the vital basics.

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