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So the question is on everyone’s lips! How does network marketing compare to a traditional business? What are the pros and cons and how does it apply to our lives right now?

I have seen it from every end of the spectrum: I have worked for a boss, I have my own business and I am involved in a network marketing company.


Firstly I am going to tell you a bit about my story, then I will answer some question from an honest, sincere standpoint.

Firstly, I have an issue with the belief system that was drummed into me: Go to school, get good grades, get a degree, work for someone else and create their life. I was never happy with this. I was never a happy ‘employee’. I always knew that I wanted more, I wanted to live my own dreams and create my own success and wealth.

In my last position, I worked for a motivational speaker. I remember telling my mom when I took the position that “this is the job that is going to change my life” and it quite literally did. For 6 and a half years I developed on a personal level. The transformation was quite astounding. It was through this position that I found my passion in life and it was because of the confidence that I gained in myself that I was courageous enough to leave my job and open my own business in Holistic Wellness. You see most people want freedom in life. Freedom of choice, time freedom, financial freedom…and let’s face it, how are you going to have any of those things working for someone else?

My business started to take off slowly. Most of my clients were referrals (which is a key part of any business. You see, we are selling every single day whether we know it or now. We are referring people to products or services for other businesses, but do we get remunerated for it? Some companies pay for referrals but it is once of and not enough to make you notice much of a difference. And if we are not selling something, we are selling ourselves.)

The way for a traditional business to thrive is through repeat business. I found that a lot of my clients were not coming back to me due to financial strain. People in SA were feeling the pinch and many had to and keep having to cut back on expenses. I realised that I needed another source of income. The challenge with my business is that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. This is the most significant issue for most people these days. When you exchange time for money, you can never really be free! 


I had no idea what this venture would look like but I was looking for three major factors: 1. Residual income. I wanted to earn whether I work or not. 2. Earning in foreign currency and 3. It had to be fairly simple and FUN! As soon as I had decided these three things, an opportunity fell into my lap! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and it was a Network Marketing company. Now I had been involved in Network Marketing before but never made anything of it. NB. Pay attention to the fact that I say that “I never made anything of it” and not that it didn’t work.

You see, Network Marketing does not work if YOU don’t work and this is where most people get it wrong. A lot of people want something for nothing, so if that is you then Network Marketing is definitely not for you.

I got on board immediately because intuitively it just felt right! I have been involved for just over a year now and I cannot tell you what this company has done for me! It has given me a zest for life! I get to help countless people every day and spread joy while having fun, growing and making money at the same time. The money is a bonus compared to everything I have learnt and everything I have become.

One of the main things people want in life is to belong to something. When you get involved in Network Marketing, you are part of a movement of people who want to change the world for the better. They are passionate about evolving and helping others experience more and live a better life. They want to leave a legacy for their children one day.

One of the most important things that I have learnt on the path to success, is that you need to continually grow, learn and develop. If you change and grow yourself, you will change your future and grow your success.  


The one thing about Network Marketing is that you have to have a very strong “WHY” otherwise you will not make it. It is a fact that only 20% of people who join Network Marketing companies actually make money and stay the course. Why is that? Firstly it is because they either forgot their “why” or their “why” wasn’t strong enough.

There are a few other reasons that people quit in Network Marketing (the only way you can fail is to quit):

  1. Most people are not willing to participate in their own success. The ones who do and continue at it become very wealthy. Some do it fast, some slower, but at the end of the day it is not where you start, but where you finish that counts. Remember, your past does not determine your future.

  2. Self Belief: most of us don’t believe we can succeed. In South Africa we have a poverty mentality and do not believe we deserve wealth. Abundance is all around us and all we need to do is tap into vibrational frequency of it!

  3. Other people’s opinions! I am highlighting this because this is one of the biggest factors that people quit before they even start. We are so worried about what other people think of us that we never actually go for what we want in life! As soon as I dropped my concern for what other people thought of me, magical things started happening personally for me.

  4. Fear. Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection, Fear of our own potential! Fear can be crippling, but you will never ever know what you are capable of until you LET GO and just do it! What most people fail to understand is that failure is part of success. It is imperative. How do you know what you are doing wrong and learn and grow if you don’t fail first.

  5. We don’t know what we don’t know! A big mistake people make with Network Marketing is that they join a company and do nothing. They do not attend any training or they attend one training and think they know it all. They do not get involved in actually learning how the business works. If you had to open any business, how do you fathom becoming successful without knowing what you are doing? Would you let a surgeon operate on you if he/she hasn’t been to medical school?

  6. Obstacles: Every single person stumbles across obstacles, whether it be in their job or their business or life in general. With Network Marketing it is too easy to quit when you encounter obstacles or challenges. What I have learnt is that people would rather encounter obstacles for others than for themselves on the road to building financial freedom. Rome was not built in a day and neither was any successful business.

  7. What is easy to do, is also easy not to do: Because you are your own boss, you have to keep yourself in check and motivate yourself. Not everyone can do this.

  8. It is simple, but we complicate it for ourselves: People make it harder than is has to be and over-analyse and over-complicate things. This can lead to your own downfall in Network Marketing because things can seem to get too “difficult”

  9. You WILL encounter failure. How do you learn if you do not fail? Many people will quit when they fail at something, what they don’t realise is that you can never become successful at anything if you don’t fail continually in the beginning. Failure is part of success and the sooner we get that, the sooner we can realise that success is available to anyone and everyone.

The Pros of Network Marketing:

  1. Little risk: You do not carry the risk. The company you join carries all the risk of starting a new business and all the headaches that go with it. All the paperwork, financials, systems, right product, pricing, positioning, marketing, it’s all done FOR you

  2. Support System and Mentorship: There is a set system in place to help you succeed. As I said earlier, we tend to overcomplicate things. If you learn the system, keep it simple and duplicate it consistently over time, you cannot fail (unless you quit). There are leaders and mentors in every Network Marketing company to help you succeed. People who have already made it.

  3. Community: You are part of a movement with so many other people that become like family to you. Like minded people that are all working toward a common goal. I have actually never experienced anything like this in my life before. I feel like I belong to a global family of a million people who all have my back! It is incredible.

  4. World Class products: Most Network Marketing companies offer the most amazing, top of the range products or services that enhance people’s lives.

  5. Moolah: There is MASSIVE potential to earn any amount of money your heart desires. The catch? Help enough people get what they want! Simple!

  6. Residual Income: This is money you make while you are sleeping. I cannot speak for other Network Marketing companies, but the one that I am with, the residual income you earn gets paid out for generations, so there is the peace of mind I am looking for to make sure my son is taken care of when I am not around anymore. Would you rather work for your money or let your money work for you.

  7. Leveraging: You leverage off other people’s efforts. Again, I can’t talk for other companies, but the binary system we have, everyone earns off everyone’s efforts. Win-Win.

  8. Personal Development: Ever heard of the saying “Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune”? The company I am involved in offers world class personal development! This has taken my life to the next level. The person I have become in the last year cannot be put into words. My personal journey has made every minute worth it. You see you cannot become wealthy without and abundance mindset or if you are letting your fears or beliefs limit you.

  9. FUN! Why do you think you see people in Network Marketing smiling all the time? Because they are having fun. I returned last week from a trip to Orlando, Florida and people asked, “are you going for work or pleasure” and initially I didn’t know what to say, then I realised, work IS pleasure so that is exactly what I said to them. (The network marketing company I am involved in is a VIP wholesale travel club and we literally have fun travelling and get paid to do so.)

  10. Vision: Network Marketing companies give you vision and purpose in your life. You realise that the vision is much bigger than you and you want to be part of that vision.

  11. Fulfillment: Because you are helping so many other people it give you purpose and is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you will ever have. Most of the big Network Marketing companies also give back to the community and have projects that allow you to get involved in that.

    The Cons of Network Marketing / Success:

    1. It doesn’t work unless you do. I am afraid you are going to have to put consistent effort in if you want to see rewards.

    2. You are going to fail and want to quit many times. The stronger your mind and your reason for doing it, the harder it will be to quit.

    3. It requires sacrifice. You will have to give up something if you want to become successful. TV, your social life, etc.

    4. People are going to try bring you down. Let’s face it, not everyone is self-aware and many people do not have an entrepreneurial mindset. A lot of people are jealous of others success and they are still conditioned with a negative mindset. The more you ignore these people, the better for you and your business. There will also be the media who only report negativity. The good news is that if you actually get to know the company you are involved in, use the product and attend events and training, none of that will affect you. Be careful who you listen to and ask yourself if they are qualified to give you advice!

    5. You will lose ‘friends’, well the fake ones at least.

    6. You will have to get uncomfortable. Growth and magic does not happen in your comfort zone. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, then Network Marketing is not for you.

    7. You will have to take risks. If you don’t risk anything, nothing will ever change in your life. In any business you start, there are risks, you will lose money, you will lose friends, but if you are committed to seeing it through and reaching your goal, none of that will matter in the end.

    You have to ask yourself the question, what is the risk worth to you? My life and an amazing future and lifestyle for me and my family is worth the risk. Freedom is worth the risk. I AM WORTH THE RISK.

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